NFT is the core of Bunny Riven. Every piece of Bunny Riven’s NFT is a part of our blockchain with different algorithms written. Each part of it will be randomly generated by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. We have created an enormous archive that allows numerous unique variants. Our system operates under strict monitoring. It is conducted by professionals with high standards to bring out the best performance.

The value of the NFTs depends on players’ luck. By playing and collecting NFTs as presents dropped randomly, you can spend more time in the game to increase the dropping rate. Every collectible item in the game is considered an NFT. Players can choose to put them in inventory, use them in battle, upgrade or sell them on the marketplace.

The merging mechanism is an intriguing feature of Bunny Riven. Each time you merge two items with the same properties. There will be a chance to increase your NFT ability in-game and its rarity, which higher the value and minimize unwanted duplicate pieces in your inventory.

When you buy an nft you will be sharing with 10% for NFT marketplace transaction fee

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