Connection to real life

Bunny Riven is where you can have fun, earn income and connect with more people globally. By combining NFTs in Bunny Riven, players can benefit from our trading mechanism or become token holders. As our token release, players can become a BRV holder for more advantages such as exclusive discounts, bonus rewards, etc.

Bunny Riven will stream and promote our tournaments on our official social channels. We aim for a professional e-sport league in the future, so the prize Bunny Riven offers for the winners will increase as we grow stronger.

More content will be developed for players to open their own Bunny Riven streaming channel. We are excited to support our game streamers on our social channels. This game is about skills, strategy, and creativity, which lead to players' victory. Diverse maps and characters release is open for anyone who wants to customize the gameplay to suit their preference. Different gaming styles are more likely to match with more target viewers, which benefits Bunny Riven’s streamers.

We are aiming for something more than just a gaming platform. Our vision is to use gamification and crypto applications to be a part of the blockchain revolution, the next generation bringing out a higher standard for the following projects.

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