Realizing the blockchain adaptation game market is lacking 3D games. Bunny Riven is the next generation that strives to be the game that provides the most realistic graphics, creative visuals, and a variety of characters and weapons - which soon will be mintable.

The basic gameplay is an online open-world battle royale. Soon it will expand and be available with MOBA mode. Players can choose between different characters with unique skill sets after each match and fight to be the last survivor or when destroy the enemy fortress.

By combining the unlimited potential of gaming and NFTs, Bunny Riven promises to bring out the most exquisite experience to all players. Rare items can be found in our exceptional features of the game. You can choose to equip or to sell and buy on the marketplace and create real income by playing the game. Players with higher skills can participate in our monthly tournaments and get the chance to win rare NFTs and tokens. All championships will be live streaming on Bunny Riven's official social channels like Youtube, etc.

Once Bunny Riven has grown stronger with a steady number of players, anyone will have the chance to become our streamer - an influencer with a certain number of fans who help expand our ecosystem. Bunny Riven will be an intermediary to new concepts such as play-to-earn, NFTs, and the blockchain world for newcomers.

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