NFT Marketplace

Bunny Riven will provide its users with an NFT Marketplace as a trading platform that integrates different elements from the world of NFTs. We want gamers to not only enjoy gaming but also participate in trading. This is why we have created a symbiosis between our game platform and our NFT Marketplace.

Bunny Riven Marketplace connects all players in game to buy and sell all asset types and post job listings for paid, in-game tasks. The majority of assets traded on the Marketplace will be earned doing in-game tasks. However, it is also a place to list assets purchased from the pre-sale and concept sales. Other players will place bid offers or settle immediately for the price limit. Due to the permanent loss during normal economic activity, all assets are considered deflationary. This deflationary, asset-burning mechanic ensures that assets are unique and of finite supply unlike traditional online games.

We built our game with various mechanics and characters such that no matter who you are, there will be something for you in the world of Bunny Riven. You can obtain new NFTs, purchase them from their owners, and use them as special power-ups. Finally, you can also sell these NFTs to make money. The idea behind the NFT game is pretty straightforward - you own every NFT, and you own every NFT you buy. In-game items like skins, caps, and special powers are all mintable as NFTs. Bunny Riven provides solutions for every game and gamer. If players don't own their in-game items, do they really own the game?

When trading NFTs, players can choose to be either holders or non-holders of . As a non-holder, you can also have fun participating in the game, make friends and be part of a platform where you can learn, play, earn, and connect with people around the world. BRV holders get a discount on the marketplace fee, rewards bonuses, and entry pass to partake in the tournaments.

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