New players will choose a character and start in a faction with a unique skill set. Hidden abilities will be unlocked during the completion of trials and quests in the game. By connecting these exciting game concepts with the idea of NFT, Bunny Riven will deliver a mobile gaming experience unlike anything before.

Players can hunt, explore loot boxes (with real value), sell their loot on the NFT marketplace, and generate real income.

This allows players to explore all basic and advanced functions of the game such as sieges, battles, boss fights, item upgrades, and many more. Once you are confident enough to take risks and possess a fully equipped character… choose to leave the safe area - which is protected by groups of mercenaries and join the tournament, where combats are allowed but your assets will be reset if it is destroyed during combat or when you are defeated. However, only a part of the property in battle is permanently destroyed. You can regain it in the process of completing quests and upgrading items. The battlefield will be reset and the winner will own items of real value - NFT…

A younger generation of gamers will migrate to our platform and Bunny Riven will act as an educational factor for complex concepts like Play-to-Earn, Blockchain, and DeFi. The more you play, the more you earn and the more you love the game!

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