What does Bunny Riven provide?

Bunny Riven will participate in the NFT world. We will develop a full-function NFT Marketplace. Gamers from Bunny Riven not only experience excellent gameplay but they can also get to know trading. By integrating blockchain and NFTs into the game, players can benefit from connecting, getting verified results, and, as a bonus, earning rewards for their token holdings.

The trading market sometimes is not for everyone by its complication and requirements for advanced technical knowledge that consume time to figure out. Understanding this difficulty, we have developed Bunny Riven, where users can choose to be a player, traders, or investors.

The idea of the game is simple, you play and decide what to do with your possession. Players get to decide to buy in-game items, rare NFTs to power up their characters, unlock special features of the game or mint them by spending their time in the game and selling them for profit.

Bunny Riven will focus on the player's experience, but the item in the game is the crucial part that we want to introduce. It is the heart of the game, which reflects players' hard work or time and money for Bunny Riven. We will be the solution for many games and gamers - a place where your possessions in-game are valuable even in the real world.

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