Application of cryptocurrency

As Bunny Riven releases its marketplace, BRV is presented to exchange NFTs, including others from another blockchain. The idea was to capture the full advantages of the blockchain application. The addition of $BRV provides more benefits and allows players to gain more control of their segments.


By using BRV to purchase game items or trade NFTs, users can get exclusive discounts from Bunny Riven. Its percentage will vary depending on the number of tokens users staked and their history of using our services. There will be a tiered ranking to help users track their work. The higher level they get, the more discounts and benefits.

Community Program

Occasional gift codes or limited discount vouchers will be sent out as giveaway presents on our social media as gifts. Users only need to follow our official channels and get daily updates.

Reward Program

Bunny Riven will launch a staking mechanism that allows users to make passive income by holding a certain amount of BRV or our NFTs in a specified period.

Entertaining Earnings

As the game grows, players who enjoy the gameplay can register as Bunny Riven streamers and participate in our tournaments if they have good skills.

Approved streamers of Bunny Riven can receive rewards when their popularity reaches a certain level according to our tier list. The more followers/fans they have, the higher the reward.

The winner of the Bunny Riven tournament can get a chance to win an extra BRV alongside the main prize.

Battle Pass

The rate of dropping higher quality items in the daily quests with Bunny Riven’s battle pass will increase. Players need to recharge BRV to unlock Battle Pass seasonally.

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