The Ecosystem

The Bunny Riven token ecosystem leverages an innovative approach to DeFi and gaming to create a unique platform to actualize its ideas and reward its community for its contributions. Bunny Riven economy operates by deploying its native token, BRV, which functions as the governing token for the entire platform, handling transactions both in-game and outside of the game (i.e., trading on the NFT marketplace). Bunny Riven works with well-structured smart contracts and inflation-proof devices to create a healthy token economy. The design of Bunny Riven’s tokenomics secures a path for its protocol creation and development, ensuring returns for investors. Bunny Riven NFT marketplace allows different projects to list their NFTs and sell against their native token. This approach to the Bunny Riven marketplace will enable projects to build additional use cases for their

A younger generation of gamers will migrate to our platform and Bunny Riven will act as an educational factor for complex concepts like Play-to-Earn, Blockchain, and DeFi. The more you play, the more you earn and the more you love the game!

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